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Fat Dissolving Shots 

Results of three rounds of Lipo injections to the abdomen. This client works out 3-4x a week and already had an issue with loose skin to lower abdomen after having kids. Time Span: 6 weeks

Fat Dissolving Shots

This client had issues with her stomach protruding after two C- Sections. Results were achieved with 2 rounds of fat dissolve injections into her abdomen. She's saving her last treatment lol.. Time span: 4 weeks

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Double Chin Lipo.PNG

Double Chin Fat Dissolve

This client wanted fat dissolvers to treat her double chin to eliminate her hate for selfies. Results were achieved with 2 rounds, results of her third round not pictured... Time span 5 weeks

Fat Dissolving Shots

This client had previous lipo suction done and was unhappy with fat dystrophy to upper abdomen as well as fat deposits to back. Results are after her first treatment. Time Span: 2 weeks


Fat Dissolving Shots

This client's initial results after her first round of fat dissolve shots to her abdomen. Round two was completed the day of photo. Time Span: 2 weeks

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