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Below are a list of services we currently offer. Please note that for all services; a consultation is needed to determine which product is best suited for you, discuss side effects and medication. If a service is booked without a consultation, please note the consultation fee of 99$ will be deducted from total amount paid. Meds cannot be prescribed without a consultation. For weight loss treatments, a follow up visit will be scheduled at 3 months to reassess labs and assess effectiveness of treatment plan. Testosterone visits and phentermine visits are IN OFFICE visits  because they are controlled substances. Weekly in office visits are available for weight loss injections as well. Please let us know how best to serve you. Interested in something you don't see? Simply ask to see if you can be accommodated. Cheers to a HEALTHIER you!!

  • Visits to treat minor illnesses. **NOT FOR EMERGENCIES**

    75 US dollars
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